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Blog comments are feedback or views created by blog readers on blog posts written by the bloggers. Our Blog Comments service will provide you with direct traffic, brand building, brand visibility as well as incoming one way links which help in SEO and keyword rankings.

It takes a lot of time to find blogs to comment on, and therefor we have a machine that find the best blogs and the best articles to comment on. Each article have it’s own deep page rank. We can comment on many thousend of blogs because we have this machine that find these blogs and their content.

If a blog have many comments the blog usually have a good audience and good page rank. That’s how you get great backlinks . These backlinks are quickly indexed and can show up very fast. If you go for one anchor text and one url you will get high rankings yourself. If you choose to divid the url between several anchor text’s is that you lose juice in your advertising. Better to buy 2 packages or take one url and anchor text in blog comments, and the second one as forum backlinks .

That way you get two anchor text for your url and it seams like normal for the search engines. And this is important.


Here is what we have to offer at this time.

12 000 blog comments for only $24.99 equals $0.0020 each

24 000 blog comments for only $44.99 equals $0.0018 each

54 000 blog comments for only $89.99 equals $0.0016 each

Go for the main keyword for your website/blog and go all in for that one keyword. If you want to rank for several keywords do everything one more time for each ranking keyword. Backlinks take time but are very critical for every business. This because all the traffic goes to page one in google not page 3 or 10. More backlinks more traffic, but it has to be quality backlinks , that’s where we come in. We do our best in search for the best blogs to comment to.

12000 24000 54000
$24.99 $44.99 $89.99
$0.0020 each $0.0018 each $0.0016 each
Full report Full report Full report
3 – 6 days 3 – 6 days 3 – 10 days
Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks
1 Anchor text 1 Anchor text 1 Anchor text
1 url 1 url 1 url

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