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Services we can provide! Fri, 27 Jan 2012 21:06:09 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> FORUM PROFILE BACKLINKS BLOG COMMENTS MARKETING ARTICLES Packages of 6000 – 54000 Packages of 12000 – 54000 Packages of 10 – 50 Prices start at $19.99 Prices start at $24.99 Prices start at $24.99 Fast service Fast service Fast service Quality backlinks Quality backlinks Quality content ]]> 0 Forum backlinks – great offers! Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:22:01 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Forum backlinks are the best ones out there. Forums are often high in page rank because of all their members and users. They all contribute to keep the forum updated and in front of the field. This means good backlinks to you from these forums. We have all the big ones in our arsenal.

These are quality backlinks from the top forums out there. One more thing that is good with these forum backlinks, are that they are a bit slower than blog comments in indexing, and the search engines like that. It’s more natural and give them more confidence in the backlinks and anchor text/profiles.

We offer 3 packages for forum backlinks.

Pack 1 is for 6000 profile backlinks and cost is only $19.99 equals $0.0033 each

Pack 2 is for 18000 profile backlinks and cost is only $49.99 equals $0.0027 each

Pack 3 is for 54000 profile backlinks and cost is only $99.99 equals $0.0018 each

This is a very cheap and fast way to rank high in the search engines like google. Be on page one and get all the traffic your competitors miss out on. Try it out now!


You can give up to 3 keywords, but keep in mind that if you are trying to rank for a competitive search term, we recommend that you focus on a single keyword.  And only one url.

6000 18000 54000
$19.99 $49.99 $99.99
$0.0033 each $0.0027 each $0.0018 each
Full report Full report Full report
3 – 6 days 3 – 6 days 3 – 10 days
Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks
1 keyword 1 keyword 1 keyword
1 url 1 url 1 url


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Blog comments – the fast way for great rankings! Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:21:22 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Blog comments are feedback or views created by blog readers on blog posts written by the bloggers. Our Blog Comments service will provide you with direct traffic, brand building, brand visibility as well as incoming one way links which help in SEO and keyword rankings.

It takes a lot of time to find blogs to comment on, and therefor we have a machine that find the best blogs and the best articles to comment on. Each article have it’s own deep page rank. We can comment on many thousend of blogs because we have this machine that find these blogs and their content.

If a blog have many comments the blog usually have a good audience and good page rank. That’s how you get great backlinks. These backlinks are quickly indexed and can show up very fast. If you go for one anchor text and one url you will get high rankings yourself. If you choose to divid the url between several anchor text’s is that you lose juice in your advertising. Better to buy 2 packages or take one url and anchor text in blog comments, and the second one as forum backlinks.

That way you get two anchor text for your url and it seams like normal for the search engines. And this is important.


Here is what we have to offer at this time.

12 000 blog comments for only $24.99 equals $0.0020 each

24 000 blog comments for only $44.99 equals $0.0018 each

54 000 blog comments for only $89.99 equals $0.0016 each

Go for the main keyword for your website/blog and go all in for that one keyword. If you want to rank for several keywords do everything one more time for each ranking keyword. Backlinks take time but are very critical for every business. This because all the traffic goes to page one in google not page 3 or 10. More backlinks more traffic, but it has to be quality backlinks, that’s where we come in. We do our best in search for the best blogs to comment to.


12000 24000 54000
$24.99 $44.99 $89.99
$0.0020 each $0.0018 each $0.0016 each
Full report Full report Full report
3 – 6 days 3 – 6 days 3 – 10 days
Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks Permanent backlinks
1 Anchor text 1 Anchor text 1 Anchor text
1 url 1 url 1 url

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Article marketing or marketing articles! Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:20:26 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Article marketing is the best way to market your business. Write small articles for your website or blog and keep them coming at a regular times. Once each week twice each week or every day. It’s up to you, but you should do this as often as you possibly can. This gives your site more credibility and more pages to be indexed by the search engines.

If you want the best articles, you write keyword rich marketing articles, and publish them on your own site or blog. Some you can send in to article directories and get some very good backlinks from, but very good quality goes on your own site or blog. Everything else can be used for article directories.

The articles for your own site or blog don’t have to be more than 200 – 400 words, but for article directories you have to write over 500 – 600 words. Write around your main keyword and publish it on your own page for optimal exposure.

This is a time consuming job and this is way my team of writers have made this offer for making these articles for you. I have gathered a team of experts for several topics you can find below, and the articles all have an intro, a body and a conclution. All with great keywords for each topic. Chose one topic and we will write you a 300+ word article for your niche.

All articles are well written, and will give your site quality content. We offer smal and big packages, so you can chose what you want. Write some yourself, or take the time of with your family and let us do the work.


Package 1  10 articles for your topic/niche. only $24.99

Package 2  25 articles for your topic/niche. Only $49.99

Package 3  50 articles for your topic/niche. Only $99.99


Topics/Niches covered at this time:



Affiliate Marketing



Article Marketing


Back Pain




Credit Repair



Dog Training





Hair Loss


Home Business

Home Improvment

Insurance Auto

Insurance General

Insurance Health

Insurance Home Owner’s

Insurance Life

Internet Marketing




Mobile Marketing

Network Marketing


Organic Gardening

Panic Attacks


Personal Development

Personal Finance




Real Estate Buying

Real Estate Commercial

Real Estate Selling

Search Engine Optimization

Skin Care


Social Media Marketing


Teeth Whitening



Web Design


Weight Loss

More will come when we get more experts to write about the topics. We deliver quality articles direct to your inbox and you put them on your site or blog for maximum exposure.


10 25 50
$24.99 $49.99 $99.99
$2.49 each $1.99 each $1.99 each
300+ words 300+ words 300+ words
3 – 6 days 3 – 10 days 5 – 14 days
Quality articles Quality articles Quality articles
1 topic/niche 1 topic/niche 1 topic/niche
1 keyword 1 keyword 1 keyword

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Backlinks is the game and we offer quality backlinks! Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:19:40 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> When starting a business we all need visitors, and these are often referred to your page thru backlinksBacklinks is also the way search engines rank your page. The more quality backlinks you have, more traffic you get back from the search engines. But it have to be quality in from of quantity.

One PR4 is more worth than 200 PR1 backlinks. So go for quality, just like your website content should be. Better content better ranking. It all adds up to quality content and quality backlinks.

We are in this game and want to offer you some great quality packages. We offer great forum backlinks. These are good because they are slower to be indexed and look natural to the search engines. Here we give you everything from PR0 to PR7 profile backlinks.

The second package is blog comments. These are good because they give your site a quick boost in backlinks and traffic. Good together with forum backlinks, some quick and some slow indexed backlinks.

The third pack is topic specified marketing articles. These are very good for creating interest in your website/blog. They are great to keep people come looking for new content and works good with the other 2 packages. Together these three packages should create great traffic for your website or blog.

We have small and big packages. You can start up with a small pack and go for a bigger one when you need it. You are always welcome back to us.

On the meny you can have a look at our packages in every category. Compare with others and i think we will come out on top almost every time. Backlinks is the game and we offer quality backlinks. Try us out and find out for yourself. And please leave us a testimonial if you are satified or think we should do anything better. But keep in mind that the time it takes for search engines to rank your site can’t we do anything about. But the ranking will come in due time.

We will do our best to give you quality backlinks and you write quality content for your site/blog, and you can win the race for more money.


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Qestions and answers Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:18:11 +0000 admin Continue reading ]]> Why do i need your services?

You don’t, but it is time consuming work to do it yourself.

How can i get more traffic for my business?

You must have quality content on your site and keep it coming all the time to get a good reputation, and you need more backlinks for higher ranking in the search engines. Fisrt page in google get all the traffic.

What is keywords?

The best word you can find for your business.

What is anchor text?

The best keyword or description of your business. SHORT! 1- 3 words.

Why buy from us?

We are reliable and have very good prices compered to other sellers. We deliver quality content for low prices.


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